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why do you make one direction out to be something they're not? do you really think they deserve a grammy? like

im sorry the wanted got dropped by they record label

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i doubt ronnie banks is 16. he's lying. he comes out saying he's 16 when he's about to put music out just so people can be like "oh my god this kid is only 16 he's so good" there's been a lot of people that have done that idk

apparently he posted a pic of his state id and it said he was born in 1997 and he posted on his twitter then he posted about goin to school and im like……this nigga really is a child like how i aint know before?? i

idk, like i knew plenty of boys when i was 16 that were 16 that looked grown af so yeah….ima just like not thirst over him or post pictures just to be safe bc i feel really gross for thinkin about him in that way :/

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what app do yall use to put emojis on ya pictures??

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this assumption that muslim women who wear the niqab/burqa need to be saved is so fucking idiotic like…. y’all can support pro-choice anything but once a woman chooses to cover herself in an islamic garment y’all think it’s the result of a man holding her at gun point like FUCK outta here w your white saviour garbage 

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ronnie banks look 20+ like the fuck why didnt he say he was 16 before??

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