wen you high asf and want to cuddle but remember you don’t have a shawty

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Beyoncé by Tony Duran (2006)

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Anonymous said:
do u like grimes??

yeah she cool and her music is like /my style/

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Anonymous said:
a little while ago u posted abt a woc artist that made rlly cool music but as soon as ppl found out her race it was labelled r&b. what was her name?

fka twigs

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Nicki Minaj x Recent Selfies

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white people can take millions of black people from their home and enslave them, they can steal spices from south asia, they can steal tea from china, they can euphemize genocide with the founding of a nation, they can paint themselves brown and black and call it acting for accuracy, they can implement standards of beauty that deem me ugly and them the ideal forms of beauty, they can take over and colonize most of globe, they can force me to learn about their history, they can take SO MUCH but becky tellin me she don’t know how to take a starbuck’s joke

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Anonymous said:
is it racist to say "she's a white girl and she talks like a straight up black person" bc my mom just said that and it sounds racist but i'm not sure... if it is how is it?

yeah bc your stereotyping how black people talk and basically saying we sound stupid

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i dont like those selfies anymore pls dont reblog them like i am not nearly that light like yeah obvs its the lighting in addition to the chrome filter but idk i look sooo light on my laptop monitor versus my phone screen :/

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